kungfuchipmunck (kungfuchipmunck) wrote,

please excuse our dirty minds

freezerfrogs: jess
baytime88: having
freezerfrogs: sex
baytime88: with
fluorecsenteyes: orgasmic
baytime88: sheep
freezerfrogs: devin
fluorecsenteyes: fucked
baytime88: me
freezerfrogs: earlier
baytime88: it
freezerfrogs: was
fluorecsenteyes: nice
baytime88: he
fluorecsenteyes: used
baytime88: the
freezerfrogs: a
baytime88: purple
fluorecsenteyes: lube
baytime88: that
freezerfrogs: tasted
baytime88: like
fluorecsenteyes: gum drops
baytime88: then
freezerfrogs: i
baytime88: went
fluorecsenteyes: to
baytime88: the
fluorecsenteyes: beach
baytime88: where
fluorecsenteyes: i
baytime88: got
fluorecsenteyes: killed
baytime88: by
fluorecsenteyes: sheep
freezerfrogs: and
fluorecsenteyes: ducks
baytime88: who
fluorecsenteyes: sucked
freezerfrogs: dwarfs
baytime88: candy
fluorecsenteyes: dicks
baytime88: made
freezerfrogs: of
baytime88: candy
fluorecsenteyes: like
freezerfrogs: danny's
baytime88: goo
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