kungfuchipmunck (kungfuchipmunck) wrote,

i have a thingy to make icons now! thanks to devin.

i made a johnny the homicidal mainiac icon.

because he is so freakin cool.

even if he is a little bit insane.

....aren't we all?

[excpet me. i'm not crazy at all. i am the only sane one left.]

the art in the layout is not mine, but i don't know who drew it, so if you happen to stumble across my journal and this is your art: leave your name next time so i can credit you, and stop making it so damn hard for me to steal your art.

have fun trying to read my font on this layout bitches.

beaucoup d'amour aux personnes folles
i love you all, i really do.
no, wait, not all of you.
i love some of you, i really do.
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