kungfuchipmunck (kungfuchipmunck) wrote,

"take a look guys. we survivied." "it was one hell of a battle." "not the battle, highschool."

bah. i've gone on one of my insane buffy raves and just want to sit at home and watch buffy forver. it's better than interacting with people.

yeah, i'm feeling very antisocial right now. i don't want to have anything to do with anybody. i don't know whats wrong with me tonight. first i bitched out jess for no reason, then i said some stupid shit that i thought might be a good idea at the time, and now i realize i was just being a dumbass and a jerk.

alot of people have been getting on my nerves lately, and i don't know why. it's almost like i'm looking for reasons to hate people.

so i was going to vent some anger and pent up buffy-love by making a buffy themed layout, but i couldn't find a pic i was happy with. then i remembered i made nk a vamp willow themed one, and i was going to use it when she was done, and she was going to use the claudia from interview with the vampire layout. so i decided to use this one for now. i love this movie. one of my favourites. not as much as i love buffy, but it's vampire related. you can't really tell, but in the background under claudia it says "don't think of it as death, think of it as eternal life through death." i know that's not a quote from interview, it's either from buffy or arcana or both, either way it fit the theme.

as you can see, i've become a wee bit crazy about layouts. i love making them. [i blame whitney for making me my first.] i have all these awesome ideas, and no where to use them, otherwise i'd have a new layout everyday. so i'm thinking of either joining a layout community or making one, or maybe just a seperate lj that i can put override codes in for people to take.

why do teachers assign so much homework? i have alot to do tonight. but it's 9:00, i haven't even started, and i have to take a shower too, so we'll see how much gets done.

my ambitions and motivations died when i entered highschool.

i'm close to failing alot of classes. oh, but i got to drive today in dr's ed. i got yelled at twice... once was "YOU'RE IN THE WRONG LANE!! OH LOOK, YOU JUST GOT UP ON THE SIDEWALK AND RAN OVER AN IMAGINARY PERSON'S FOOT!!!" the other was because i ran a stop sign. well, the stop sign represented by a flag sticking out of a cone. and then the coach wouldn't let me park.. everyone else got to park... he just stopped my car and said "Stop. right there. no no, you're not parking no. get out of the car."

i'm a good driver.

"breathing in lighting
tonight's for fighting..."
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