kungfuchipmunck (kungfuchipmunck) wrote,

so thursday i got arrested.

i was supposed to go home with margaret, tyler was going to give me a ride, teresa thinks he's creepy so she gave me a knife to "defend" myself. we were just joking, really. we didn't think anyone would hurt me, we didn't think anyone would find out about the knife.

then jess slung my purse around in the hallway, knife fell out, an AP saw and we were taken to a confrence room, interogated, and placed under arrest. me and teresa, that is. then there was paper work, we got driven to the "juvenile assesment center" in the cop car, where they seized our stuff, took our belts, jewelry and shoelaces. got frisked. then we took our mug shots, got fingerprinted, and i sat in a room full of juvenile convicts [around 20 kids, all black except me and teresa and one other kid] and we weren't allowed to talk or we'd be placed in solitary confinement for eight hours, even if our parents came to get us out. we sat in this room for five hours straight. we had no idea if anyone was coming to get us, especially since my legal gardians are currently in different states. the school hadn't even contacted teresa's mom, aparently. no one gave anyone any information on us. it's a wonder we got out.
yeah, worse day of my life.

so basically, i'm suspended from school for 10 days, i don't know if i can go to ATOSS and i might be expelled from gaither. me and teresa both. and if we do 60-90 days of a program the includes community service and crap, we get the felony [yes, felony] charges dropped. i'm staying at nk's until sunday or monday, i think, so no internet access. if you need me, call me.

love, julie
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